AR-TEKH is committed

Anxious to design quality products and promote the development of the local economy, Ar-tekh  commits itself in a process of proximity between you and its suppliers.

Ar-Tekh is  committed to working sustainably:
  • most of its suppliers are little Bretanny companies
  • The choice of products marketed tends to respect the environment as much as possible:
    • Low temperature dryer POLY DRY 
    • Recovery of waste heat
    • On-site water treatment usual in organic agriculture
    • CONCA-MIX & Crushers  low power consumption.
  • Since its installation in La Poterie/ Lamballe Ar-TEKH has 7 employees in addition to the manager. Our team is composed
    • A commercial manager/manager
    • An administrative and communication manager
    • A designer
    • A workshop team
    • An assembly team

BUT without you none of this would have been possible.

AR-TEKH thank you.