High performance dryer
Performance, modularity, longevity

Our POLY DRY dryer manufactured by us in Little Brittany is designed for very different applications: droppings, cereals, germinated seeds, digestate, wood… By being associated with industrial and agricultural drying processes POLY-DRY is able to channel their waste heat and use it to dry a product.

séchoir Poly-Dry Ar-Tekh


Waste heat recovery


Better recovering of forage and other dried product


New deal

Reduced extra expenses

transport cost and storage volume

POLY-DRY dryer
a high tech system


Our POLY-DRY dryer allows you to dry a wide range of products thanks to its perforated stainless steel mat. Thanks to the re-use of the waste heat from your heating systems, our POLY-DRY dryer dries your material at low and medium temperatures, so that the bio-chemical properties of your product do not deteriory. Its installation is simple which leaves you the possibility to install let alone. You can also control it manually or automatically. You can choose some options such as BACKFEEDING. Sizing is based on your needs.

To ensure the quality of our POLY-DRY dryer, we guarantee you limited maintenance.

In aviculture our dryer is used at the exit of the building. So it recovers waste heat from livestock buildings and uses it to dry your material (ex: manure)

In a cogeneration installation, the heat produced by the engine is dissipated by our POLY-DRY dryer, which makes it possible to dry the material deposited there.


By combining our POLY-DRY dryer with an installation with biomass boiler or wood gas production, our dryer will recover the waste heat from these installation to dry your product.

Optimize your operating costs!