Water treatment by électrolys
A performant, economical, and safe solution

Our mission is to provide cost-effective, safe and eco-responsible solutions for the bacteriological control of water in food industry and agriculture.

Our  generators produce a disinfectant liquid called NEUTHOX® by a salt water electrolysis process.

The active agent contained in NEUTHOX® is Hypochlorous Acid, it’s naturally present in our bodies and those of animals and allows us to fight against infections.  It’s a very  powerful highly potent bactericide. Bacteria such as Escherichia coli, when exposed to Hypochlorous Acid (Hocl), die within 100ms.

Our generetors produce a second product the CATHOX®, which contain ient Sodium Hydroxide, a useful cleaning agent due to its ability to break down fat and protein. It is the ideal and indispensable ally in your processing  workshops and not that…

schéma traitement de l'eau par électrolyse


Rapid destruction of bacteria
and biofilm


Self sufficient on site
chimical free


Eco responsable and non toxic solution          Agreaments: “Article 95 Compliance” & “DWI approval”


The alternative to chlorine, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide

Field of application
drinking, washing, process water,…

Neuthox® will be injected in small quantities (It depends on the type of production) into the pipes, ensuring a healthier system, thanks to its bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal action, as well as its action on the biofilm.

It can be used in various forms: drinking water (plant and animals), rinsing water (fruit and vegetables), spraying, high pressure cleaning, cleaning buildings, transport, processing surfaces, vaporization in buildings, etc.

Breeders / Agricultur

Neuthox® can be used in all agricultural fields:

  • Poultry farming: this is where Neuthox® is most commonly used. Breeders have better results and greatly reduce their antibiotic consumption.
  • Cattle breeding : Decrease in diarrhea in calves
  • Greenhouse culture: better development of plants with a longer lifespan and larger flowers (study in a reed garden in colombia)
Industry / Tertiary

Installation of a T20 cell at Kermené
Use: Disinfection of livestock
Kermené: is one of the most important European industrial site for slaughtering, cutting and processing meat products. It is based in little Brittany composed of 3,400 employees.

In Europe

Le Neuthox® is already used in European countries:

  • the medical field: water network of retirement homes and hospitals, disinfection of equipment network
  • drinking water supply system
  • cooling towers
  • industry: shipbuilding, food, tourism (spa, hotels, public places, fountains, etc.)


optimize your operating costs !