Low temperature dryer

Uniform drying, large capacity, economical

High performance for drying of manurebio-massgraindigestatewood

Poly-Dry dryer
Performance, modularity, longevity

The result of close collaboration with our customers, our Poly-Dry dryer is above all tailor-made drying solution.

Designed by us and manufactured in France, its great modularity makes it both an agricultural and an industrial dryer able of adapting to many processes.

The exclusive design of this dryer guarantees high performance and an optimal channelling of waste heat.

Thanks to its low-temperature drying system, get rid of flies and bad smells in the farm, without damaging the organic properties of your product.

Installing a Poly-Dry dryer means opting for an on-site transformation of your waste which allows you to divide by 3 your transport costs. It is also about making the choice to better value your product in order to sell it better..


Manure drying for 10 000 at 150 000 hens
Bio-masse dryer

Problem with flies and bad smells?

Because flies are attracted to organic matter because they are a source of food and an ideal laying place, drying is therefore the ideal ally to limit the hatching of eggs and the proliferation of flies.

Drying manure also prevents the proliferation of fungi and  micro-organisms, which prevents the material from decomposing and giving off strong odours.

Why to choose Poly-Dry dryer?

Easy installation
Waste heat recovery
Pas de dégradation du produit (séchage basse température)
Low maintenance
Reduced transport costs and storage volume
Design office, manufacturing and service after market are in FRANCE
Length: from 12m at 42m
Height ajustable up to 4 levels
Modular out put

Reduce your transport cost!!!

Transform and enhance your product on site,

 means dividing by 3 its transport costs.  

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Custom design your project:

  • Chicken brooder
  • Birdcage
  • Winter Garden
  • etc