Mixer / Crusher
A homogeneous blend without loss of quality

The Conca Mix is a compact mixer/crusher set of 500kg.
Its 800 litre mixer coupled to the AC 100 crusher, allows to obtain a perfectly homogeneous product, whatever the particle size with a yield of up to 1,5 tons per hour.

Flow rate up to 1.5T/hour
Bag or bulk emptying
Homogeneous product

concasseur Conca Mix Ar-Tekh
Time saving
Balanced diet due to weighing system 
Thorough mixing


Broyeur à grain ar-tekh

The range of high-performance crushers that we offer is based on the use of high-end materials such as barrel steel that composes the crushing discs, that ensures the a longevity of the product over time, as well as an incomparable result in terms of  crushing quality.

We are able to offer you different crusher according to your needs.

Crushing in the food industry
safety, economy, performance


Low power consumption

Product quality

  • not more dust
  •  Homogeneity


Variable particule size


The discs move automatically when there are pebbles to avoid damage


Usable directly on area (farm and industry)
Our solutions
for industrial et livestock


Thanks to its perforated metal carpet system our dryer is ideally designed to dry any kind of material:

  • menure
  • digestat
  • wood
  •  grain

Water treatment

Clean, pure water straight while respecting the environment?

NEUTHOX® is a disinfectant created on site from the electrolysis of a brine and will be injected with a dosing pump into your pipes.

Other equipement

Our team will guide you through the possibilities to achieve your project:

  • Food process: Conca-mix, Crusher,
  • Building: chick, birdcage, poultry equipment, conveyer….