POLY-DRY dryer and equipment

Hight performance

agricultural and industrial

Experience to guarantee a high quality product

Custum industrial and agricultural solutions

solutions de séchage agricoles et industrielles


How to better used your production?

Our low temperatur dryer  -> respect biochimical qualities of your product.

Recovery of waste heat from your buildings.

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Water treatment

Effective solution, economic ecologic -> Enjoy

water + salt + electricity= NEUTHOX®

Healthier production – handling = improved cost price

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A new building, innovation?

Our team will guide you in the developemnt of your project,  in the selection of your equipment: building equipment, granulation, crushing…

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Ar-Tekh : un savoir-faire issu du terrain

A know-how born field expertise

The AR-TEKH expertise is the result of analysis and research of more than 30 years, initiated by its founder alongside breeders and industrialists.
This experience accumulated during these years is our red thread, witness to our daily commitment: to propose the best solutions for drying and treating water.


Who is Ar-Tekh?

Performance, simplicity, reliability

POLY-DRY dryer

In collaboration with breeders and manufacturer, our design office has developed a high-performance, easy-to-use modular dryer.
Perfectly suited to agricultural and industrials activities, our POLY-DRY dryer is designed for optimal drying of poultry droppings, bio-mass, digestat but also cereals and wood.

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séchoir poly-dry Ar-Tekh
série T10 traitement eau

Process of desinfection water safe and healthy

Water treatment
chimical free

The majority of water treatment  in industrial and agricultural  are not neutral on product quality and the environment.
Based on this observation, AR-TEKH offers a range of water generators that produce NEUTOXⓇ  by electrolysis, a solution with cleaner, degreaser and disinfectant properties that are safe for the environment and without the risk of manipulation.

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Reduce your costs with electrolys water treatment


The only French manufacturer of waste dryers with a research and development service.


Our equipment is subject to rigorous quality control before delivery. Our manufacturing quality allows us to significantly reduce service and troubleshooting operations.


Local suppliers, great knowledge of the local market, a unique contact for all projects

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